One Piece Chapter 921 Will Be On Break For Next Week


One Piece chapter 921

We hope that you have already read the spoiler on One Piece chapter 921 then you might already be aware of the release date of this chapter, For those who are searching for the release date of One Piece chapter 921, then this might disappoint you.

According to update, this chapter will be on a break for this week & will release on 18 October 2018, instead of 11 October. This chapter will be released on the WSJ issue #47.

Despite being delayed, we still have the same excitement for this chapter. We will be seeing how Strawhat & the alliance will gather in two weeks to attack the Oden castle. We are also excited to see Luffy & another fighting with “Orochi” & “Kaisou”.

This will be the most rebellious moment in One Piece series. They will be executing their plan on the night of the Fire festival & on the same day they will commence raid on Onigashima. There is no doubt that everyone is eager to watch this chapter. We would like to hear your feedback & thoughts on what you expect to see in One Piece chapter 921.