One Piece Chapter 921 Spoiler Update

One PIece chapter 921
Source: Amanomoon

Status: Aired

Talking about One Piece Chapter 921, we did predict that we could see the Alliance to be together soon. We were waiting for more updates on this chapter & it seems that we have finally got some update regarding this chapter.

As we already know that there is a lot of thing going in the Wano Country. Luffy and others are going to investigate more regarding this. We will see how Luffy and other get involved as Wano population & will be investigating about Kaido and Orochi.

This chapter is a week late, we are expecting a lot of things to happen in this chapter. It is expected that we could see Jack & Luffy’s rematch in this chapter. Along with this, it is also expected to see Jack & Alliance meet in this chapter.

We are also expecting to see Orochi in this chapter. It is also expected to see Big Mom & Marineford battle, but not in this episode. The good part is that Luffy will be involved in this battle too, which is another interesting story expecting in upcoming chapters.

One Piece chapter will be released on 18th October & we will be seeing a lot of new characters joining this chapter.