One Piece Chapter 920 – Travelling Forward In Time


One piece chapter 920

Chapter: One Piece Chapter 920

Release Date: 4th October 2018

Status: Aired

Update: One Piece Chapter 920 is aired.

The biggest suspense of One Piece Wano’s Arc has revealed. Finally, we see the reunion of the Straw Hat crew along with a story expected. We saw how Luffy meets Kin’emon & others at Umami & Kin’emon revels that they have traveled forward in time and is 20 years ahead at Wano.

This makes it clear that Luffy & others are seeing the diverse effect on Wano country that has changed the country 20 years back. This ensures that the future chapter is going to more adventitious.

Also, if you see first few pages on Chapter 919, you will notice story from the future of how 9 people changed Wano by defeating the evils. They surly are talking about Luffy & crew. Everyone is now shocked to know that they have traveled the future & the next chapter is going to be about their journey.

The expectation from One Piece Manga 920:

Hearing Kin’emon, Luffy and others are quite shocked to know that they have traveled 20 years in future & in this chapter, we are going to read about the whole story on how that happens. It is clear that Kin’emon has more information about what exactly has happened in Wano.

After knowing the whole story, we will see Luffy & his crew to take the decision to destroy the Oden Castle.

The last chapter also described how Luffy defeated Oden Castle & made everyone free. This is what the main story on this Arc. We might soon see the end of Wano Arc, but the end is going to be amazing for sure. Now the important thing to know here is how they will manage to go to the present. This chapter will also throw some highlight on the same.

Release Date:

One Piece Chapter 920 is expected to release on 4th October next week. It’s sure that after this episode we will witness the most epic fight of this Arc. Do let us know your thoughts in the comment below.