One Piece Chapter 919 – An Unbelievable Truth


One Piece Chapter 919

Chapter: One Piece Chapter 919

Release Date: 27 Sept

Status: Aired

Update: The chapter is aired.

Chapter 918 is out & we are expecting to see the chapter One Piece 919 next week. In the last chapter, we saw how Luffy & others get out of the Bakura District stealing all the pure food and water for the Leftover town.

It was quite surprising to see Law fighting against Hawkeye. We expected that we could see more action, but Zoro comes in between the fight and takes Law along with him to the Leftover town. Also, we saw Hawkins visiting Holdem place and seeing everything destroyed.

At the end of chapter 918, we saw how Law, Luffy & Zoro decided to go to the Oden Castle on the top hill & destroy. As we know that Luffy is a rebel mood & have decided to make the Leftover down pure as it was earlier. In this Article, we are going to discuss our expectation about One Piece Manga Chapter 919 & its release date.

One Piece Chapter 919 Spoiler:

We already know Luffy’s will to destroy the Oden Castle & in this Chapter, we will see their journey to the Castle. We saw Law talking about meeting the Wano’s Ghosts, which is another interesting thing in this chapter. By the end of the previous chapter, we saw stone pillars carved with names o it.

It is believed that these stones are the grave for those who were dead people, but it is yet to be discovered. There is no detail about this in the One Piece Community, but we believe we will get to know more in coming days.

Not forgetting about Hawkins, we could see him coming for Luffy in the next few chapters. But, talking about One Piece chapter 919, we might see more detail bout he graved stones.

Release Date: 

Talking about the release date. One Piece chapter 919 is expected to be aired on 27th September on their official timing. But, the release date is yet to be confirmed. If there is any change in the given schedule, we will update you here.