One Piece Chapter 918 – Luffy Repays A Favor


One piece Chapter 918

One Piece Chapter 918: Luffy Repays A Favor

Release Date: 20th Sept

Previous Chapter: One Piece Chapter 917

Status: Aired

Note: One Piece chapter 918 is aired

One Piece chapter 918 is Aired today (20 Sept) & by the end of this chapter, we get to know Luffy’s next move on the island. In this Article, we are going to talk about the Chapter 918. As the Title suggested, “Luffy repays a favor” is all about how Luffy repays Tama by getting pure food and water in the Leftover town.

One Piece Chapter 918 Story:

In the initial scene of the chapter, we saw how everyone is surprised, seeing Holdem getting knocked-out with just one punch. As soon as he hit the floor, Luffy & other take a run to get away from the Bakura District. During their run, Luffy asks others to split.

Zoro & Kiku moves together stealing the pure food from Beast Pirates. Luffy on the other side, get on Sheep using Tama’s Dangos.

As expected from, we see Law facing Hawkins. We see how Law threaten Hawkins, but by the time he does something, we see Hawkins moving behind Law to attack as he finds that he is no one by an Alliance with the Straw Hat. To find out Laws identity, Hawkins attack on his helmet. As everyone finds out his identity plans on attacking him, with Law’s ability he cut everyone into pieces.

While Law is fighting with Hawkins we see Zoro get in between the fight and take Law along with him to the leftover town. Where Zoro gets the pure food, Luff, on the other hand, get pure water. This is what he calls as repairing the favor.

After seeing everyone happy with Food 7 pure water, Luffy promises himself that he will destroy the Oden Castle.

What We Can Expect in One Piece Chapter 919?

As Law has decided to be a part of Luffy’s plan, we will see Law, Luffy & Zoro going in the Oden Castle. We also cannot forget about Hawkins & the Best Pirates. It is quite obvious that the next chapter is all going to about their move to destroy the Oden Castle and defeat the Wano’s Ghost.