One Piece Chapter 917 – The Chaos Burgeons Hiatus


One Piece Manga Chapter 917

One Piece Chapter 917: The Treasure Ship Of Provision

Release Date: 13 Sept 2018 (Updated)

One Piece Chapter 916 gives leaves a mark of an epic battle coming in their chapter 10. As said in the last spoiler that we might see Law appearing in this chapter seemed to be true. But it is not just Law, but also Basil Hawkins that will appear in the Bakura district. With this much action, it is quite obvious that One piece Chapter 917 will show some awesome action.

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At the end of the episode, we saw how Lord Holdem comes to the battleground from where Luffy punches the Urashima. We see how Holdem is carrying Tama inside Lion’s mouth & warns Luffy for Tama’s life. We also see how Hawkins and Law are entering the Bakura district.

One Piece Chapter 917 Expectation

As the title, ‘The Chaos Burgeons Hiatus’ clearly shows that the Bakura district is going to be under a Chaos, where 4 most super powerful One Piece Characters are going to fight. We will see how Law helps Luffy to fight against Hawkins & Holdem.

The initial battle will be between Luffy & Holdem, where he will fight to get Tama back. We will see how Luffy is fighting against him with his gears on. We will also see Zoro & Kiku fighting against the other pirates in the town.

We might see the huge silence when Hawkins enters the battle between Luffy & Holdem. It is also expected to see Law entering at the same time as Hawkins.

Release Date:

It is been officially confirmed that the chapter is going to release on the next week, which means One Piece chapter 917 is expected to be released on 13 – September.

Note: The release date of One Piece chapter 917 in this Article has been updated after getting the official confirmation about the release date.