One Piece Chapter 917 Release Date Extended


One Piece Manga Chapter 917

One Piece Chapter 917 release date was expected this week om 7th, but unfortunately, the Chapter is going to extend a week more and will be released on 13- September. We all have been waiting to see the most epic battle of Luffy against Holdem & Hawkins. (Ambien) It seems that we have to wait until the episode gets released.

We are aware of what we can expect from chapter 917, but wait for extra time is so tough. We will see how Luffy will fight against Holdem & later how Hawkins enters in the Bakura district to fight Luffy. We will be seeing an intense battle between all three of them & it is also expected that Law can appear in One Piece Chapter 917. As in the earlier chapter, we saw how Law was almost there near the Bakura district & will be reaching there in no time. There were rumors that the Straw Hat crew might reunite soon in coming episode.

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The reason behind the delay is not yet been communicated, but it seems that is because of manpower issue. We have seen jobs post from them looking for an artist to work on. But never or less, it is really important for us is the Chapter.

Update: One Piece Chapter 917 Has been released.