One Piece Chapter 916 – Release Date & Spoiler


One piece chapter 916

One Piece chapter 916: “A Brilliant Strike

Release date: 3rd September

Status: Aired

One Piece chapter 915 is already out and it seems quite interesting. It did not have a lot of action as expected, but it sure was a built up. One Piece Chapter 916 is expected to have some great action. We saw how Kiku cuts off Urashima’s tail in this chapter. At the beginning of the chapter, it became clear that Urashima is been manipulated by Gifters.

We also saw how Luffy & others are looking for Tama in the Bakura district, where Tama is already in trouble. She had been kidnapped by the Beast Pirate group & this chapter also introduced Holdem a Lion Smile user.

Note: One Piece Chapter 916 will have a special colored title page

So what can we expect in One Piece chapter 916?

Knowing the fact that Kiku has cut Urashima’s tail, it is quite obvious to witness the action in this chapter. We are quite confident that Zoro won’t be fighting as his policy to not fight against someone unarmed. We are expecting to see Luffy in the chapter taking the challenge to fight Urashima.

There are two reasons why Luffy will fight Urashima. One is for the 500 coins and another reason is that he is the only user who can expand with his 4th gear/tank man. Yes! we might see Luffy’s 4th gear/Tank Man while fighting against him.

It is also said that we could see Kaidou & his crew in this chapter as it is already known to them that Luffy is already there in the Boku district. With this, we might believe that Law can the one to appear in chapter 916 or 917.

Release Date: 

Talking about the release date, we as fans have to wait for a week more as the chapter is delayed by a week. One Piece chapter 916 will be aired on 3 September. We are also looking if we could get our hands in the raw image or any other update for the episode.