One Piece Chapter 915 – The Alliance Make A Move


One Piece Chapter 915

One Piece Chapter 915:The Alliance Make A Move

Release Date: 27th April

One Piece Chapter 914 is out & we have seen how Luffy & Zoro gets into another trouble by entering the Bakura District. Luffy, Zoro & Kiku have entered the Bakura District to rescue Tama. This incident gives a clear indication that  One Piece chapter 915 will bring a new arc.

Note: Bakua District is a Government official & the Pirates Territory 

So what can we expect?

At the end of chapter 914, we saw how the Heart Pirates members inform Trafalgar Law about Luffy activity of entering Bakura District. Law knowing the fact how much trouble it will cause to Luffy, he plans to get in Bakura to save him.

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In this chapter 194, we will see how Law & his crew enter the District to save Luffy. Luffy, on the other hand, will not leave the district until he rescues Tama from the kidnapper. This chapter will be a reunion of Law & Luffy & it will be amazing to see Law after a long time in the series.

As Law has now entered the chapter, we are quite sure that the episode will have some crazy action. Bakura being a territory for Government & Pirates, it is quite obvious the amount of action we will experience will be intense. I am personally quite excited to see Law in action after such a long time. I am also excited to see how Luffy saves Tama from the kidnapper.

I am not sure if we could see the reunion of the Straw Hat crew in this or in few next chapters, but we have a strong feeling that it might happen soon. We are quite sure that the reunion is planned soon in the Bakura Arc.

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