One Piece Chapter 914 Spoiler & Release Date – Official Confirmation


One Piece Chapter 914

We have been waiting for the One Piece Chapter 914. The chapter got delayed & was expected around 17th August. Today we got the confirmation of the Spoiler and release date of this chapter. According to the leak, we will see some action.

One Piece Chapter 914 Spoiler:

As we all know that Luffy and Zoro is at Tsuru & Kiku place to treat Tama. In this episode we will how Tama is recovering with the help of medicine. This episode will also focus on Kozuki Clan & this chapter is focused more on this clan story. According to this chapter, the clan was living in Oden ruling Wano kingdom for 20 years.

We will also see the story about Oden & how everyone loved Kuri’s delicious food. By the time Tsuru tells more story about the Wano kingdom, Zoro blocks the arrow hitting Tsuru by Gifter. Gifter has the bats ability and has high listing range than any other individual. Gifter wants to take revenge on Tsuru for insulting Shogun.

We will some action between Zoro & Gifter & this is where we will see Trafalgar Law in this manga. He will not actually get into the fight, but this is just his presence that will be seen at the end of the chapter. It was too predicted to see Trafalgar in the episode as we already had a hit of the presence of the Heart Pirate in this the last series.

One Piece Chapter 914 Release Date:

This was already known that the one Piece chapter will release this week, but the dates were not official. According to the official announcement, we could see the One Piece Chapter 914 will air on 17th August. We request everyone to check through legal Manga site.