One Piece Chapter 914 Delayed


One Piece Chapter 914

One Piece Chapter 913 was out last week & we were expecting the One Piece Chapter 914 to release this week soon, but it seems not to be happening. The last manga chapter introduced two new characters, Tsuru & Kiku. The release date has been postponed to next week, but before getting in to it, let’s see what are we expecting on the One Piece Chapter 914.

The chapter shows Basil’s devil fruit ability & we saw how Luffy & Zoro left the battle to save Nidai. Now talking about the chapter 914, we would be seeing two stories. One is how Tsuru & Kiku will be saving Nidai & second we might see Bepo from Heart Pirate. (

We have no idea what Bepo & his 2 members (Shachi & Penguin)  are doing here, but it seems that there is something related to Basil Hawkins. With the presence of Bepo, this indicates that the Heart Pirates are there in Okobore town, which means that the heart pirates and Straw Hat pirate will join force to bring down Yonkou & Kaidou.

In the upcoming episode we might see the re-union of the Straw Hat pirate as there is a clear indication that all the Straw Hat pirates are there in the town. There are also rumors going around that we might see Trafalgar Law in the upcoming episode (It is quite obvious because the Heart Pirates are there in the town).

Release date – One Piece Chapter 914

It was official that the One Piece chapter 914 will not be releasing this week, but there was no confirmation about the exact date. Today we got an confirmation that the One piece chapter 914 will release next week that is 17-August 2018.

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