One Piece Chapter 925 Official Spoiler, Updated Release Date & Raw Scan


One Piece Chapter 925

We already know about what is going to happen in One Piece chapter 925. But until we get our hands on the official spoiler, everything is just prediction. For those who were waiting for confirmed One Piece Chapter 925 Official Spoiler, here we are for you to offer that.

In this Article, we are going to see Offical One Piece Chapter 925 Official Spoiler & also the change in the release date.

One Piece Chapter 925 Official Release Date:

Before we talk about Spoiler, there is a slight change in the release date for One Piece Chapter 925. This chapter will release on 25th November 2018, whereas the RAW version will be out tomorrow. We will update about One Piece Chapter 925 RAW version as soon as we come across.

One Piece Chapter 925 Official Spoiler:

First, there is a lot of change as per what we have been predicting One Piece chapter 925. This chapter will start with Gello Moria’s presence, where we will see him visiting Blackbeard. During their conversation, we will get to know that Absalom is dead and his Devil Fruit Ability is with Shiliew.

We will also see some action between Moria & Shiliew during his visit to find Absalom. We will see how Shiliew attacks Moria using Suke Suke power. Apart from this, we will also get to know about Blackbeard bounty which has reached 2,247,600,000 Berries.

Later we will see the Revolutionary Arm clashing with Ryokugyu & Fujitro at Mary Geoise. Just after that, we will be seeing a stage of the Wano where Luffy and other are assembled at a stage. We will also get to know that Big Mom is chasing after Luffy, which makes the Wano Arc insane.

All this information is revealed by Blackbeard while reading the Morning Newspaper for Moria. Apart from this, we will also see that Persona reading about Moria & Zombie raid incident in the newspaper. As soon as reading this, she plans to visit Mishawaka.

By the end of this chapter, we will see Ashura planning to be a part of Kinemon and others. On the other hand, we will see Raizou one of the Ninja from Wano Country decides to rescue Luffy.

One Piece Chapter brings a lot of suspense to the users and with this, the 2nd part of the Wano Arc becomes insane. All we can do now is wait till 25th November for the chapter to be released.

One Piece Chapter 925 Raw Scan:

We had tried to find as many Raw scans as we can for One Piece chapter 925. Check the Below Raw scans. We have also added One Piece Chapter 925 English version, which you can check by clicking the link.

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