One Piece 894 Manga Spoiler


There is no halt in the excitement of the One Piece fan’s, and Luffy himself is the reason for that. In his latest fight with Katakuri, things are getting pretty interesting. With a word of Luffy getting new powers made fan’s more excited and today while following my daily routine of checking Reddit. I found the One Piece’s 894 Manga spoiler.

So, if you are not interested in reading spoilers, just don’t read after that because of the SPOILER alert.

The spoiler is a summary of what we are going to see in new chapter 894. It will start with a flashback of Rayleigh training Luffy to use the Observation Haki and saying that it’s mainly one’s instincts excited to a higher level. The ability to automatically sense things and respond to them.

Luffy doesn’t have a strong Observation Haki as compared to the Katakuri and Luffy is having a hard time. The spoilers tell us that hero’s powers to use the Haki is at a lowest and he is only relying on it just to withstand his opponent attacks.
According to the spoilers, Flampe shots a paralyzing needle at Luffy in a try to immobilize him, but luckily this time his Haki moved him and saved him from the needle.

Luffy is continuously fading in and out of his consciousness, and every time he gets unconscious his reflex, or as they say his Observation Haki comes to action and saves him.

Now if you are a One Piece fan you would have understood it by now that Luffy is going to master this new power very soon and then it will be fun to see him. What you think about his new skills tell me in the comment section.

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