Did you noticed the Orange Lightning in Boruto episode 47?


Naruto is a really nice man, for all the fans of Naruto they would be feeling proud to see him now. He always wanted to be a Hokage and now when he became the Seventh Hokage. He is one of the best people of the leaf village. Not just fans but Minato Namikaze would also be feeling very proud to see him now. Boruto series released its latest episode 47 yesterday. I’ve already reviewed it, you can read it.

Naruto made his appearance in the last episode, and it was amazing. Fans are not too surprised but still seeing an original character in action always seems pleasing.

The episode was the end of Byakuya Gang arc. In which the story followed the Nobel thieves, some call them robin hood of ninjas as they steal from rich and distribute it in poor. But soon fans got to know that the leader Gekko was using this good deeds as a disguise.

The guy was not just lying for his own profit, but he was pawning his people for his benefit. By using genjutsu, he was controlling people. Boruto and Shikadai were able to stop them but not for long as Gekko used Ryogi as his pawn to escape.

Gekko was all set to leave the town with the scroll of all jutsu. And that’s the time when Naruto made his appearance in the form of Orange flash. No one can see Naruto with this new and advanced speed of his.

If you remember, Naruto showed his super fast speed against the Fourth Raikage, before the start of Four Ninja War. The thing that we see now, the orange lightning is the advanced form the old naruto’s speed only.

Minato was known as the Yellow Lightning and now seeing his son running super fast while creating the Orange Lightning he would be super happy.