New Poster For MY HERO ACADEMIA: THE MOVIE – THE TWO HEROES released today


Last night I was talking about the new “My Hero Academia- The Movie.” The trailer is about to release any day now, but for now, the creators have released an original poster of the movie featuring the All Mighty, Izuku and others.

With the release of this poster, the release date of the My Hero Academia film has been validated. Featuring students of U.A. High and younger All Mighty the poster is also confirming the release date of the movie which is set for August 3.

Because of the movie, the chief animator Yoshihiko Umakoshi would not be working on the upcoming third season.

The movie is going to focus on the younger All Mighty. Portraying the pre-injury Hero that we all love to see. The trailer is still to come out, but with these dates now we know how long we have to wait.

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