New Character Reveled In Dragon Ball Super Movie


I know you haven’t heard a lot from me and my new favorite anime series “Dragon Ball” for a while now. But today I’m back with an interesting news related to the upcoming Dragon Ball Super Movie.

Things are going to change and we have seen it in the trailer that came earlier. The character design of the new villain is mostly revealed in the trailer. But today, on twitter Yonkou Productions revealed the new Character design for Goku and not just Goku but they showed their fan the new character designs of Vegeta, Chirai, and Remo.

Goku and Vegeta both are wearing a Jackek over their traditional costume. Fan’s already seems interested in buying these new jackets. But I’m interested to know about these new characters Chirai and Remo.

The Movie is coming out on 14th December, I’m excited about it and I hope you are excited as well. I’ll back soon with new and cool anime-related news.