Black Clover Episode 19 Spoiler: New ‘Black Clover’ preview Tease A New Power For Yuno


Okay yes, I stopped reviewing the Black Clover anime because I get bored. But now after watching a New ‘Black Clover’ preview teaser A New Power For Yuno. I kinda get my expectations high. If you didn’t know about it yet, then let me tell you everything.

Dungeon Exploration, the second big arc of the series is going smooth, maybe with a little fast pace but it is going smooth. Fans are completely hooked to the series. Both the main characters Asta and Yuno get the chance t grow their characters accordingly, and fans are amazed to see that.

If you are watching Black Clover continuously, then you must have seen Asta getting his new power in the dungeon’s treasure room, which he gets in the form of a new slimmer sword.

If you like Yuno more than Asta, like me, then don’t worry as Yuno also gets a new power at the end of episode 18. Fans don’t know what it is yet, but the preview of episode 19 cleared many things.

The preview for Episode 19 kind of showed us the finale of the Dungeon Exploration arc. The next episode will be going to tell us more about the Mars’ past as a mage of the Diamond Kingdom. Also, it will be going to show us the girl whom we see his mind in the form of the flashback as he’s battling and losing to Asta.

In between the flashbacks and Asta’s new power, we will get to know what exactly Yuno found in Episode 18. The mysterious scrool that Yuno finds in episode 18 makes his grimoire glow. Manga readers know about this event, but for the fans of anime, it is a big moment of truth that they are waiting to see what is Yuno’s new power is.