NCIS Season 16 Episode 7 Spoilers


NCIS Season 16 Episode 7 Spoilers

NCIS Season 16 Episode 7: “A Thousand Words”

Release Date: 13 November 2018

Those who are eagerly waiting for NCIS Episode 7, this might be one of the most crucial episodes. We will see Agen Gibbs called to investigate the criminal case happen with the street artist & other team working in the stolen art case.

Talking about the Mammals case, rumors involves a Navy contractor along with one of the higher authorized person from Navy. According to KoreaPortal, the contractor might have been doing some research in the sea that might have affected the mammal’s lifestyle in the ocean.

On the other hand, we will see Agent Bishop’s appearance in this episode, which will show some relation between him and the street artist. The reason behind this will be discovered in the episode, but it’s said his art was close to Bishop.

We will see  Jethro Gibbs working with the NCIS & will investigate more into the case about the stolen piece. This small piece will enlight the case clear and open to Gibbs & will help him to invest the case deeper. Also, it has revealed that the cops have got some information from the stolen piece.

In this episode, we would also see Abbie Cobb ((Melanie Keller), Judith Moreland (Carrie Lewis) and some others as a guest appearance. For those who were wondering the delay, then it was due to midterm elections in the U.S.