My Hero Academy Season 3 Episode 20 – An Unexpected Twist In The Exam


My Hero Academy Season 3 Episode 20

My Hero Academy Episode 58 (Season 3 Episode 20) will have a major twist in the exam. In the last episode we saw how, everyone gets involved into the rescue exercise, but they are not aware of the trouble they are going to face. We saw how the Gang Orca has entered the rescue exercise.

This episode is titled “Save the World with Love!” which gives the clear indication on how Heroes should save everyone in the most extreme condition with Love. Here we are with My Hero Academy Season 3 Episode 20 (Episode 58) Spoiler & release date.

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What will you see? 

In this episode, you will see how the U.A school & others will join hands to save the world & also to defeat the enemies. This exercise will teach these heroes to be calm during the most extreme condition during real war.

We will see how everyone, in team will rescue everyone & also defeat the enemies. It will be a tough time for these students to fight against these professionals. The Gang Orca is ranked 10 in the Hero. This exercise is carried to check how these heroes will help to manage the real time situation with intense pressure.

Release date: 

My Hero Academy Season 3 Episode 20 will be aired on 25 August. We are quite excited to see how Class 1A and other handles this situation as a team. This episode is expected to the be the last stage of the Licence Examination test. If you have anything related to this or any other chapters, then you can share it with us in the comment below.