My Hero Academy Episode 19 Season 3 Release Date & Spoiler


My Hero Academy Season 3 Episode 17

My Hero Academy Season 3 Episode 19: The Rescue Exercise

Release Date: 18-August

My Hero Academy Hero License Exam arc is at the end. We have seen how everyone has passed the exam, but that was the not the end. In My Hero Academy Episode 19 Season 3 we will see the end of the License Exam. This episode is all about how heroes will help others when they are on a rescue mission. This is nothing but the normal exercise & will be the last stage of the examination.


We already know that the next stage of the exam has started. Now we will see how everyone as a team will help each other rescue the citizens. But are we going to see anything unexpected? Yes. This exercise is all about how everyone helps each other during the most intense part of the battle.

Shoto is one of those who wants to do everyone alone & we might see ho thought it become for him to work as a team. Does this mean that people who don’t work in a team will be eliminated? This is yet to be found out in the Episode.

What we are waiting for is the next episode which will be an arc of a new beginning.