My Hero Academy Season 3 Episode 18 Release Date & Spoiler


My Hero Academy Episode 18

My Hero Academy Season 3 Episode 18 Release Date: 11- August 2018

We have already seen the synopsis of My Hero Academy Season 3 Episode 18 & this episode is going to be called “Rush.” According to the Synopsis, this is all going to be about Shishikura & Bakugou alongside Kaminari. But what exactly?

In My Hero Academy Season 3 EP 18, we will first see how Midoriya and other make a plan to defeat their opponents. They are already in the middle of something. We are eager to see Yo Shindo who is the opponent of Midoriya and others. But this will run for a very short time.

Soon after the seen, we might see Shishikura and Bakugou. We will see how Kaminari gets attacked by Shishikura and now Kaminari has the responsibility to rescue everyone from his trap. We might see some amazing battle between them. It seems that Shishikura has an amazing ability and it is really tough for Kaminari to doge it.

One thing that we yet have to see is how Kaminari is going to defeat Shishikura. The fight will be worth watching. We are also expecting to see how Midoriya and others will helping each other to defeat their opponents. It seems that the Midoriya has some plan to defeat everyone. Looking at Episode 17, it seems that he has figured a way to win.