My Hero Academy Season 3 Episode 18 Can Be The Final Episode Of Licencing Exam


My Hero Academy Episode 18

My Hero Academy Season 3 Episode 17 is already out & Shoto has already been finished the test. We also saw how Momo Yaoyorozu brilliantly takes over and finalize the test with his team. Now the most epic battle to see is in between Denki vs Seji Shishikura & Izuku, Hanta Sero & Uraraka Ochako vs Ketsubutsu Academy students.

With this, it has become quite clear that we will see that this episode will be the last episode for Licence exam. We haven’t got any official confirmation yet.

In episode 18, we might see how Denki takes down Shishikura, but Shishikura having some wired powers of dark magic, seems to be a tough competition for Denki. Talking about Izuku & others facing against the Kesubutsu Academy students seems to be quite interesting. There are possibilities that the Licencing Arc might extend till episode 19. (

If you think that this is going to be the last episode for the license exam, then let us know what you are expecting to see in this episode.