My Hero Academy Season 3 Episode 17 Spoiler


My Hero Academy Season 3 Episode 17

My Hero Academy Season 3 Episode 17:  Aug 04, 2018

We had seen some amazing battle in the My Hero Academy EP 16 & we all know that EP 17 is going to be amazing. U.A Academy is now in jeopardy. First, everyone trying to eliminate everyone from U.A & on the other hand, every UA member has now been separated. With the amazing battle, we also get to see new My Hero Academy Characters.

If you are one of those who wants to know what’s going to happen in EP 17, then this might interest you & if not, then let me tell you, it’s a spoiler.

Spoiler Alert!

My Hero Academy Season 3, EP 17 has a week to release & we know that the U.A students are in huge trouble. The EP 17 is fully focused on how Class 1A will overcome this situation.

In Episode 17, you will see how the Izuku, Hanta Sero & Uraraka Ochako succed in finding other team members to fight alongside. Izuku & others have already realized that they need to assemble their team to get through this licensing exam. We will how every U.A member comes out & help Izuku and other to eliminate rest of the heroes School.

Looking at the other side of the story,  Shoto Todoroki is fighting against 10 people & here he has a huge challenge to get through them alone. There are more chances of Shoto getting eliminated as his powers and ability are already know to others. We will see how Shoto gives a hard time to these 10 people.

When is it releasing?

My Hero Academy Season 3, Episode 17 is getting released next week on 4th August 2018. By that time, we might come across some amazing updates on MHA Episode 17.