My Hero Academy Season 3 Episode 16 – The Real Test Starts


My Hero Academy Season 3 Episode 16

My Hero Academy Season 3 Episode 16 Release Date: Jul 28, 2018

My Hero Academy Season 3 is going epic day by day. We saw how Izuku finally gets his costume ready and at the same time saving the All Might. It was quite amazing to see entire students and teachers from the rival Hero Academy participating in the “The Provisional License.”

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In Episode 15, we saw that everyone is focusing to defeat U.A as they are the toughest competitors & at the same time we see Shiketsu plans to clear the test alone.

With the Episode 16 preview, it is quite clear that Izuku and his team are going to battle against the whole rival Hero Academicians. With this, it is obvious to see teamwork happening. But talking about Shiketsu, he is hiding somewhere.

As the title suggested, “Shiketsu High Lurking” clearly indicates that the episode is going to focus on Shiketsu. So, what exactly is going to happen?

As everyone knows about U.A’s fighting ability, but they are not aware of their new achievements. What we expect to see in Episode 16 of Season 3 is that, while everyone is struggling to fight against the rivals, Shiketsu is Lurking somewhere looking at the whole battle & trying get eliminate people one by one. But, as everyone is against U.A it is quite obvious that he might not get the chance.

It is quite obvious that we could see Shiketsu in action in the episode, but, do you really think that Shiketsu is going to do everything alone? or will get involved in helping his team? Let us know in the comment below.

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