My Hero Academy Introduces New Characters


In the epic My Hero Academy Episode 16, we got to see some new heroes. Episode 16 was all about building new characters. In this article, we have the list of new superhero characters & their abilities that were introduced in Episode 16.

  • Inasa Yoarashi:

Inasa Yoarashu, Is affiliated with Shiketsu High School & has a Quirk of Whirlwind. He seems to be one of the toughest heroes in the My Hero Academy. He is the one, who eliminates 120 heroes with just one attack. His ability, to control the wind, gives him a chance to eliminate.

His true ability is yet to be seen in the future episodes. Being in the 1st Year, his physics & power is comparatively as great as the 2nd year heroes.

  • Itejiro Toteki:

Itejiro Toteki’s is affiliated with Ketsubutsu Academy and is in 2nd year. His Quirk Boomerang gives an ability gives him access to throw any object at any trajectory direction. In the Episode 16, we see how he throws the balls from underground to attack to his target.

  • Tatami Nakagame: 

Tatami Nakagame is another character affiliated with Ketsubutsu Academy & has a Quirk of Telescopic. She has an ability to folder herself within her body, which make her. We haven’t seen much about her, but expect to explore more about this character in future episodes.

  • Yo Shindo:

Yo Shindo an another character affiliated with Ketsubutsu Academy having a Quirk of Vibration. He has an ability to vibrate any object he touches. In the episode we see how he damages the field by destroying the field with his vibrating ability.  Shindo looks like a tough competitor.

His Vibrating ability comes with a huge disadvantage of make his unable to move & the simple reason that his vibrating Quirk utilities lot of his body energy.

  • Shikkui Makabe: 

Shikkui Makabe

Shikkui Makabe an another student from Ketsubutsu Academy has a Quirk of Stiffening. With his Quirk, he get an ability to make any object too hard or stiff by using his two hands. His ability has a limitations that he cannot use his Quirk on any living object.

So, these are the new characters that we had seen in My Hero Academy Ep 16. We are yet to know more details about these characters and their ability.