My Hero Academy Manga Chapter 195 – Hitoshi Shinso


My Hero Academy Chapter 194

My Hero Academy Manga Chapter 194 was out yesterday & we got to see some insight on Izuku’s dream. According to his dream, it is has become clear that Izuku has received power from his predecessor. But, by the time we get to know more about his dreams, Shota gets into the room along with Hitoshi.

Our Expectation from My Hero Academy Chapter 195:

In My Hero Academy Chapter 195, we will see how Hitoshi gets into the Class 1A V/S 1B battle training as a guest. In this chapter we will be seeing students new ability with their new suit. In this season we will see how everyone will test their new battle suits.

We are expecting to see if Izuku will use his new ability/power. We are not yet sure what that is, but we are sure that there will be a highlight of Izuku’s new power. But, we also wonder the role of Hitoshi, which is still a suspense for us. We still wonder his role in this battle training.

We are not yet sure about the release date of this chapter, but we are sure that we could get to see the Chapter 195 soon in few weeks.