My Hero Academy Episode 56 & 57 Spoiler & Release Date


my Hero Academy Episode 56 and 57

Note: The My Hero Academy Episode 56 is Season 3 Episode 18 & Episode 57 is Season 3 Episode 19

My Hero Academy Episode 55 & 56 (Season 3 EP 18 & 19) will have some intense story and action. Talking about these episode, will show the Hero License Exam. Today we came across the spoiler for Episode 56 & 57 along with their release date.

My Hero Academy 56 Spoiler:

Release Date: 11-August

My Hero Academy 56 name: Rush

This episode is focused on battle between Shishikura & Bakugou alongside Kaminari. In this episode we will see how Bakugou defeats Shishikura and also save Kirishima and other. The spoiler clears says that Shishikura’s Quirk is really powerful and both of them will be fight hard to save others.


“Kaminari and the others struggle against Shishikura. Shishikura has a quirk that turns his opponents into balls of meat if they touch his own flesh. Kirishima has been affected, so  how will Bokugo & Kaminari fight?”

My Hero Academy 57 Spoiler:

Release Date: 18-August

My Hero Academy 56 name: The Rescue Exercise

Looking at the game and the Synopsis, we believe that people who have already won the tournament will be in trouble & the people will have to save their comrades. This will be a rescue exercise where hero students will have to save other hero students.


“The last part of the Provisional License Exam, the Rescue Exercise, begins! During times of crisis, there are many people who need to be saved, and that’s what the Rescue Exercise focuses on! It’s a very important test where the heroes must make judgement as well as work together with their friends!