My Hero Academia Chapter 196 – Brainwashing Completed


My hero Academy Chapter 196

My Hero Academia Chapter 196:Brainwashing Complete!

Release date: 31-August 2018

Status: Aired

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If you have read My hero academia chapter 195, then you might get an idea why I have given the title – Brainwash Completed. As said on our last spoiler, the chapter 195 was focused on Shinso.  We saw how the battle between Class A V/s Class B has already started, where Shinso is with the Class A.

Team A was attacked by Jurota & we also saw how he was brainwashed by Shinso. But, the trick here is that Shinso is using his new device to modulate his voice as Kosei Tsuburaba. This becomes clear why Shinso is using the device. The device helps to mimic anyone voice. But, why did Shinso did that? This gives a hope that My Hero Academia Chapter 196 is going to be interesting.

My Hero Academia Chapter 196 Spoiler:

Chapter 196 will be focused on Shinso & Izuku. As we saw how Shinso is using Kosei voice to brainwash Jurota, which means the whole team is going to be brainwashed. We will be seeing how Shinso will use Kosei’s voice to talk to their team members & then brainwash everyone.

With his Quirk, he will talk to everyone and then get them brainwashed & will ask everyone to get in the wicked cute irredeemable prison. It will be interesting to see how the Team B reacts to his brainwash quirk.

We will also be seeing Izuku monitoring his technique, which he can use it in the future battle. This is quite obvious that we might see how Shinso uses his new suit and technology to make use of his quirk to the fullest. Whereas, release date is confirmed, there is till a confirmation pending on the release date.

If you have any information on the release date of the chapter 196, do let us know in the comment below. We expect the new chapter to release by the first week of September.