My Hero Academy Chapter 194 – Our Expectations


My hero academy Chapter 194

My Hero Academy chapter 194 might come out soon this week, but the official confirmation is yet to come. Talking about the previous episode i.e. Chapter 193, we saw that Midoriya has started getting some wired dreams & we believe his dreams can be a connection to the future episode. So what do we expect from the Chapter 194? Let’s find out.

Looking back to the previous chapter, we saw Quirk “All For One” in Midoriya’s dream & it seems that the All Mighty is not at all aware of this. Maybe in the coming chapter 194, we will see that Midoriya will tell about his dream to the All Mighty & it is obvious that he might know the answer to his dream. This is the first time such an irrelevant thing has happened in the My Hero Academy.

We should not forget about the other 8 characters along Midoriya in his dream. Can we believe that the guy with the Quirk “All For One” is no one but his father? We might see that All Might might already have an idea of what exactly is going to happen with Midoriya. With the earlier episode, one thing was clear that there are still some secrets that All Might haven’t told Midoriya.

It seems that Denku is one of the users of “All for one” we might see if he could fuse his power by anyone else. There is a lot of things that we could talk about. With this, it is quite obvious that the My Hero Academy is definitely having something more interesting to come. We might see a new Arc in Chapter 194.

The release of My Hero Academy Manga Chapter 194 is expected to be out by next week, but the exact date is yet to be confirmed.