My Hero Academia Chapter 167 Just Gave Us A New Spoiler


After building up a huge fan following, My Hero Academia is stepping into a new arc, and certainly, its fans are ready and excited to see how the heroes in Class 1-A will fare. The group’s internship period went amiss, and it doesn’t appear that things will be improving from here on out. Other than that the latest chapter of My Hero Academia hinted at a nice twist for one of Izuku’s friends.
So if you don’t like spoilers, I suggest not to read ahead from this point. “SPOILER ALERT!!”

If you are a reader of manga and continuously following My Hero Academia, you must know that the latest chapter 167 had a lot in it. While most of the issue saw Class 1-A returning to the class which is no different from usual though it ended with an inauspicious note about Yuga Aoyama.

This new over-dramatic hero is now the center of attraction and that all happened too quick. It made me fans to think of different theories, one of them is that fan thinks that this kid might be a traitor. Not to forget chapter 167 also cited something like that as the boy was acting in strange behavior, he went directly to the dorms of hero, he was stalking them and stalking always seems suspicious. Also, his behavior towards Izuku was a bit different. In the last panel of manga, it seems like Aoyama gawping into Izuku’s bedroom while Izuku slept during the early morning. Honestly, that look was pretty creepy, and I can bet there is something new and bad going to happen in the story.

We haven’t got any words officially on Aoyama’s new strange attitude but in this last chapter of manga does give us some hint/spoiler.

In case you heard about My Hero Academia just now, then let me tell you, series was created by Kohei Horikoshi and the story follows from the Izuku’s point of view. Izuku lives in a world where everyone has got some super powers known as quirks, but as the part of his struggles, he was born without any quirk them. By keep dreaming and working hard he gets into the Hero Academia.The series was running in Shueisha’s Weekly Shonen Jump since July 2014.