My Hero Academia Season 4 – What Can We Expect?


My Hero Academia Season 4

Today we have finally come to an end to My Hero Academia Season 3. In the last episode of Season 3, we saw how “Mirio Togata” teaches the Class 1A students on how to turn the experience into power. This really has increased the hope of all the students to be even stronger.

At the end of the Episode, we saw the tease on My Hero Academia Season 4. It seems that they are planning to keep the release date suspense for a while. But, knowing that it’s coming soon anytime in this year keep the excitement bounded.

The last episode gave a clear idea on the how the League of Villains are working underground. We saw “Shie Hassaikai” new villains joining the League Of Villains team, which makes them even stronger. This makes the Season 4 more interesting to watch.

Do let us know your thought on what you think you can expect in My Hero Academia Season 4.


As seen the Villains activity we are quite aware that the 4th Season is going to be about action. We will be seeing the League of Villains in more action in this Series & the only reason behind this is All Mighty. As All Mighty is not in his form, the Villains are taking the advantage of it.

This also brings one thing clear that the students will become more powerful. We might all see their new suit designed. One of the interesting thing here to notice about is Deku. When Deku asks the old man to train him, he asks him to get it from Old Mighty. He also mentions that All Might might help him by introducing to his former sidekick.

This brings other stories of Deku in this Season. Apart from this, we might also get to know more about All In Once main plan in this Season.

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