My Hero Academia Season 4 – Trailer & Release Date


We have already seen the tease of My Hero Academia Season 4 on the last episode of season 3. It has become clear that the Season 4 is all going to be about the League of Villains initiating their plan by gathering a huge bunch of villains to attack the city & heroes.


My Hero Academia Season 4
My Hero Academia Season 4 Poster Released

Shie Hassaikai the new villain, who have join hand with League of Villains seems to be an interesting character. On the other hand, “The Big Three” from U.A High School are going to play very important role in this Season. Everyone is aware that the Season will be focused on individuals power & ability.

It is also expected, Deku will be introduced to All Might’s former sidekick for his training. This ensures that the Season 4 is going to be quite interesting than the last season. We might see more powerful villains fighting with the heroes. It is also expected that Deku might inherit All in One’s power, but this is not yet sure.

Whereas, release date is the concern, there is no official release date mentioned but it has been confirmed that My hero Academia Season 4 will release on Spring of 2019, which is expected to be on March.

We would also like to know your thought on the Season 4. What do you expect to see in this Season. Let us know in the comment below.