My Hero Academia Season 3 Episode 4 review


My Hero Academia season 3 episode 4 is out now. There is a lot to talk about in this episode as it portrayed the battle between Deku and Muscular. So, without wasting any moment, let’s begin with the My Hero Academia Season 3 Episode 4 review.

My Review
It is proved that the anime only fans get the best when it comes to My Hero Academia. In the last two seasons, we get to see both amazing animation and interesting story. And there is no doubt that this season is going to raise the bar up. This weeks episode gave us the hint of what waiting for the fan’s later in the series.

Although I knew what was about to go down in this episode but the animation just shook me the head, and I was surprised. It was very amazing and the best episode of the series so far. The episode started with the backstory of Kota, then after that Vanguard Villain appeared. The battle between members of Wild Wild Pussycat and the Vanguard Villans. Deku rushed towards the place where Kota is hiding. He is going to confront Muscular on his way to reach Kota, but before that, we were introduced to all the characters of the Hero Team. This episode was all connected with the fight of Deku and Muscular. So when Deku reached to the Kota, Muscular was already there and about to attack Kota. Deku saved him, and the ultimate battle begins. It was not a very big battle, but the animation and the way cleared all the things was just so amazing. The battle was not only between Deku ad Muscular, but Kota was also connected to this battle as the person who killed Kota’s parents was Muscular. Things get personal there. The fight was not easy and Deku did go through a lot.

With fighting this villain, Deku breaks the shell of his quirk to surpass his current limit. This was the sole purpose of this training camp. Deku ended up getting himself injured, but he was able to save Kota. With this Kota realized what exactly happens to his parents when they died. They were also helping someone by risking their lives. Just like Deku is doing right now for Kota.

The animation of the fight scene was just so amazing, I seriously enjoyed it a lot. With Deku defeating Muscular, Kota’s perspective about heroes changed. He gets to understand what a real hero actually does. The part him realizing this thing about heroes was just so well portrayed. The episode ends with the fight of Deku and Muscular. The next episode is going to be dope as I think Muscular is still going to get back and the fight isn’t over yet. But for that, we have to wait for the next episode, till then bye.