My Hero Academia Episode 63 – The Big Three V/S Class 1-A


My Hero Academia Episode 63

Episode: My Hero Academia Episode 63/ Season 3 Episode 25

Release Date: 29 September

Status: Aired

My Hero Academia Episode 63 will be the last episode of Season 3 & in this episode we will be seeing the exercise between Class 1-A & the Big Three. The Big Three are nothing but the top-ranked from 3rd-year students, who are there in the Class 1-A to teach them something. These 3 characters were already expected in this chapter.

As seen in the last episode, Mirio Togata meets Deku before he gets introduced with the Class. We also saw that U.A also has some freelancers Heroes who have been working under U.A School. Villains have been doing some huge underground activity & now  Students will have to be ready for something bad in the future.

We also saw Endeavor in the chapter burning down a huge group of villains. This makes the wait for the Season 4 more interesting. But before that, we will be seeing the last episode of the Season 3. In this Articles, we are going to talk about what is going to happen in the last episode of Season 3.


As seen early episode that Mirio Togata had already heard about Deku & hence he plans to do the exercise with Class 1 A so that he can test what Deku is capable of. In this episode, we will see an amazing battle between the Big Three and Class 1A students.

There is no doubt that Mirio will be focusing on Deku which means that we could see something more about the new characters. There is no such detail on their ability, but this episode will showcase all about them.

Release Date:

My Hero Academia Episode 63 will be aired on 29th September & since then we will have to wait for Season 4’s confirmation. If there is any change in the schedule, you know the place to find the update.