My Hero Academia Movie- More plot details


Have you seen the blond woman in the first poster of the My Hero Academia movie? Well if you are curious and wanted to know who she is, then I’ve got some news from you.There is no doubt that the My Hero Academia is one of the best animes to watch. Luckily it’s getting his film, the last December movies first visual last December that includes Deku and few other familiar students of U.A. High encircling an ambiguous blonde woman. It is already confirmed that the movie will be dealing with a past event, according to few fan theories the blonde lady is younger Mt. Lady. Though with all the details revealed at Anime Japan, it is confirmed that’s not the case.

The mysterious blonde woman is named Melissa, and she’s don’t have any power, she is quirkless, just like Izuku. Furthermore, she reportedly hails from a strange, humanmade floating island called I Island. The movie will be going back and forth in the past and present. Past we don’t know, but in the present, the movie will focus in between season 2 and season 3.
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