My Hero Academia Episode 62 – Beginning Of 2nd Semester


My Hero Academia Episode 62

My Hero Academia Episode 62:A Season For Encouragement

Release Date: 22-Sept

Status: Aired

My hero Academia Episode 61 is out showing an outrage from Deku & Kacchan. With this episode, Kacchan throw out his feeling by fighting Deku. This episode makes it clear how both of them were hiding their feeling from each other. Kacchan blamed himself for All Mighty condition & also he was upset about All Mighty choosing Deku.

The battle between them was quite intense and we see how both of them increase their limit so that they surpass each other. With this fight, we will finally see Deku & Kacchan friendship. It was unexpected to see All Mighty to appear in this Episode. He makes everything clear t both of them and give him to Aizawa.

With this, it becomes clear that the upcoming episode of My Hero Academia will be more interesting. In this Article we are going to discuss about release date and spoiler for My Hero Academia Episode 62.

The 2nd Semester Begins:

The preview clearly shows that Episode 62 will be focused on 2nd Semester beginning. We will see how all the students will be given a motivational speech to make their hopes high in the 2nd Semester.

According to the preview, we are expecting to see 3 new characters in the episode who stood top in the U.A School. We are not sure if this will be the story from Deku era or All Mighty, but it is surely going to be an interesting & motivational speech for all the Students.

Villains Activity:

It is clearly shown in the preview that after All Mighty’s condition, the Villain group is quite actively open in the streets. We might also see some insight on the activities of these villains.

As All for One said in the Episode 60 that all the villains are running actively underground and growing their power as compared to other villains. It seems clear that in the future episode, we might see a lot of villains activity. As the 2nd Semester has already started, it means more suspense and fights in the future episode.

Release Date:

My Hero Academia Episode 62 will release on September 22nd next week at their official timing. If there is any update on the schedule, we will update you here. If you have anything to share with us, do share it in the comment below.