My Hero Academia Episode 61- Deku Vs Kacchan Part 2


My Hero Academia Episode 61

My Hero Academia Episode 61:Denku Vs Kacchan Part 2

Release Date: 15 – Sept

Status: Aired

Finally, the Licence exam Arc has come to an end & a new Arc begins in My Hero Academia. Episode 61 was an amazing episode that gave us all the information about All For One & his intention to choose Tomura Shigaraki. It has become clear to all of us now that All For One did all of this just to becomes an evil devil king.

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During the conversation between All Mighty and All For One, it becomes clear that everyone will be going through a lot of trouble from the People of the Shadow (The Villians). With the news of All Might being retired, the people are searching for someone who can endeavor as a new leader.

All For One has already warned All Mighty about the Villan Organization and how everyone is trying to fight each other to be at the top. This clearly means that the Villan has formed a similar organization as Heroes.

The other side of the story was about Deku (Izuku) and Kacchan. Kacchan is quite upset about how Izuku suppressed everyone with the Quirk. Episode 61 will be showcasing Deku  Vs Kacchan 2nd fight after Ground Beta. let’s Discuss Below what we can expect from My Hero Academia Episode 61.

My Hero Academia Season 3 Episode 61 Spoiler

Episode 61 is all about Deku Battle with Kacchan. In this episode, we will see some past stories about them & how they equally admired All Mighty. This battle is to prove how both of them has grown strong & also Kacchan wants to know Deku’s adapted ability.

As Kacchan is upset about his failure in the Licence Exam & Deku overtaking him in every part of life. We will see how Kacchan is upset on All Mighty pass on his power to Deku . We will be seeing an intense battle between the two most powerful student from Class 1A.

Deku hasn’t confirmed about from whom he had borrowed the Quirk, but it is known to everyone. With this battle, we will be seeing how both of them again become the best friend as they were back then.

When Can We Expect The Episode 61?

As per the schedule, the episode is expected to be released on 15th Sept, that is next week. There is nothing that has been communicated about the Episode delay, which means we can expect the episode to air on the official timing.

Update: The Chapter is aired. Please check in the official streaming websites.