My Hero Academia Episode 6 review


My Hero Academia episode 6 has been released. Still fighting villans both class A and class B is stuck in the Jungle. I’ve watched the episode and here is My Hero Academia Episode 6 review.

My Review

Omg, the ending, the cliffhanger of this episode is just so painful. I was so into the episode that I didn’t realize that the episode has come to its end. In the ending when Mr. Compas get on the ground with Deku and team on his back and all the villains left were already waiting on the ground was so amazing. Now finally we are at the moment which we were waiting for so long. Since the start of this season every build up was just to reach the moment. Heroes VS The Villains of Vanguard.

But before that, we get to see many other cool things as well. We get to see the full power of Tokoyami when it’s was released open and get’s out of control. After watching the dark shadow Tokoyami’s quirk to its full extent, there is no doubt that he is a Hero. Because of his dark quirk and his dark theme he is one of my favorite My Hero Academia character. His Dark Shadow defeated one of the strong villains from the team of Villains of Vanguard. So, the Moon Fish was killed by the Dark Quirk of Tokoyami. Only Anime fans might not know about the real powers of Moon Fish, but manga readers must have to know about his powers.In this episode, we also introduced with the powers of a new villain. Her name is Tyoga, and her power is to suck the blood out from the body of his opponent. She is kind of a psyco but cute at the same time. Both Ochako and Asui were almost defeated by this new villain. They were saved by the Izuku and team.

Later they face the Mr. Compas who was already kidnaped the Kachan and one more hero with him. The mission was completed but they still haven’t left as the Izuku, and All ended up among all the villains. Some amazing action scenes are confirmed in the upcoming episodes. That’s with today’s episode let meet next week with another episode of My Hero Academia.