My Hero Academia Episode 16 Review


My Hero Academy Episode 16. Review

My Hero Academy Episode 16 was just out and this episode throws a lot of information about students & their abilities. In this Episode, we can see that how powerful these students are and how great they have trained themselves. We expect to see the coming few episodes about The Provisional License test.

After watching the episode, here is my review of the My Hero Academy Episode 16.

My Review:

The episode started pretty well by introducing a few characters and their ability. All these students were just targeting the U.A school students. The game takes the turn after Yo Shindo from Ketsubutsu Academy (2nd Year) uses his ultimate move “Tremoring Earth” by destroying everything around him. His ability is so powerful that it comes with a huge drawback that makes him unable to move.

Just after Yo Shindo’s move, the whole U.A school students get separated. Izuku then gets attacked by Camie Utsushimi. It seems that Camie has an ability to copy any one personality. Also, we are quite eager to know, why she is so obsessed with Izuku. During Izuku’s combat with Camie, he gets hit by a ball, which takes a huge change of him getting eliminated. Izuku was almost close by getting the 2nd hit by Camie but gets saved by Hanta Sero & Uraraka Ochako.

Talking about Shoto Todoroki, where he is planning to pass the license test alone, figures out that things need to get things done quickly. By the time he tries, he gets attacked by a bunch of 10 people.

Now in My Hero Academy Episode 17, we are going to see how the Class 1A students are going to manage to pass the exam. Now, what we are going to expect in Episode 17 is how the Class 1A will get together to defeat the rest.