MY HERO ACADEMIA Collaborates With The Avengers Providing Fans With A Treat Of New Crossover Videos And Posters


Okay! a couple of days ago I read an article mentioning that My Hero Academia will make his appearance in Avengers Infinity war promotional video and poster. At first, I thought It was just a rumor but then today after seeing the new on the official website of My Hero Academia I got totally surprised.According to the official website of My Hero Academia, a new cross-promo collaboration with Avengers: Infinity War has been done. With the release of the Avengers: Infinity War set on April 27, I would say the crossover just came on time as the third season of the anime is just started last Saturday. You can check the official video below:

Other than this main video they have also launched six different videos as well. In these videos, different characters of My Hero Academia are portrayed as an individual Avenger. You can check all six videos below and the poster as well.

The first video is about Izuku and him representing Captain America. He said that he can truly understand Captain America’s feelings, as they both wanted to help others since they have no power but later gained enough power to do what they always wanted.

In Bakugo’s video, he calls Iron Man an annoying old man who is wealthy and a genius too. Later he gave Ironman some respect as he can find him just like Iron Man. If you are wondering how then just for the fact they both can fly.

Showing the caring part of Black Widow, Uraraka compares herself with Black Widow.

Just as Dr. Strange doesn’t believe in killing, Iida says that giving a second chance to learn something good is very heroic. He want’s to follow the footsteps of Dr. Strange.

 Along with a strong hero father, Todoroki compares himself to the god of lightning “Thor” as he has got his own powers over the forces of nature, fire and ice. Izuku notes that All Might in how he is kind of similar to Hulk as he the kindest one just like Hulk and can also transform between two forms.