My Hero Academia Chapter 253 Spoiler, Release Date – So What Next?


My Hero Academia Chapter 253

Finally Ending was captured and it was quite unexpected to hear from Enji that he will stay out of the family. Also, he mentioned in the last chapter that Toyo didn’t want him to stay with his family. Shoto captured Ending & finally we see things getting resolved with the Todoroki family. So what next can we expect from My Hero Academy Chapter 253?

This quite sure that it’s the beginning of a new Arc, so what do you expect will happen? To know that we would like to start our Spoiler on MHA 253.

My Hero Academia Chapter 253 Spoiler & Discussion 

As the new Arc is going to start, we might see new Villains. I really don’t know why, but I have an instinct that we might see Toyo soon in the chapter. But before that in Chater 253, we might see some scene from the Hero Academy.

But before that happens, we might see Enji’s plan to stay alone and get her wife back. Also, we might see some training & how Midoriya develops his new power.

So, who would be the next villain? Well, that’s still a big question. I guess we might also see Ending giving some light on who sent him & what was his mission. Or we can see the man villain behind all this. Who is creating chaos in the Todoroki family?

We would also like to know your thought on what will happen in My Hero Academia Chapter 253. Do let us know in the comment below.

My Hero Academia Chapter 253 Release Date

There is no delay in MHA chapter 253. Similar to the last few chapters we will see this chapter releasing as per their time table. Which means you can read My Hero Academia Chapter 253 on 7th Dec 2019.

If there is any delay on this chapter, you will be updated here in this article. So don’t forget to bookmark this.

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