My Hero Academia Chapter 252 Release Date, Spoiler, & More

my hero academia chapter 252
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I personally thought that MHA Chapter 251 will actually be interesting. The villain really looked powerful & Enji would have to go through a lot of trouble. As we expected, Midoriya and Shoto did involved in the battle. Anyhow they managed to rescue Natsu, but things do not end here. So what are we going to see in My Hero Academia Chapter 252? Let’s see.

It looks like their new equipment really saved them. Even Enji was quite surprised to see them. Whereas, Madoruya using 2 Quirks simultaneously makes him really cool. Now, the quest is, will Enji capture Ending? Or will he manage to escape? To know all thins let’s get into My Hero Academia Chapter 252 discussion.

My Hero Academia Chapter 252 Spoiler

Shoto has definitely punched Ending hard that he might be unconscious for a while. But, we do not think that things will end so easily. There are definitely many more things coming ahead. We might get to know more about Ending in the upcoming chapters.

In fact, we feel that we might get to know more about Toya in the upcoming few chapters. In MAH chapter 252 we will see more about Ending & more details related to him. We do believe that there is a huge plan going on.

Also, this gives us a hint about everyone’s new ability. In the entire Manga series, we have noticed that there is something huge coming whenever such ability is shown. So what exactly is the new threat? To know that we will have to wait for this chapter to air.

My Hero Academia Chapter 252 Release Date

There is no detail on My Hero Academia Manga 252. This chapter is also getting its release on the regular time which is Friday i.e. 29 Nov 2019. The Raw scan of this chapter will be out on 28th Nov. So follow us to know regular update on MHA chapter 252.

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