My Hero Academia Chapter 251 Release Date & Spoiler – Who Is the New Villain?

My Hero Academia Chapter 251
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My Hero Academia Chapter 250 is out & as per the Manga chapter, Natsu believes that his father, Enji was responsible for Toya. That is just one side story. But, this chapter also brings a new unknown villain. Therefore we are here discussing My Hero Academia Chapter 251 and what can we expect from this chapter.

This goes to the past when Enji captures Takami alive. Now, a new villain who has tapes around him has captured Natsu. Not only that, Enji is afraid of him as he is going to kill Natsu. But, Natsu being a hero, will he be able to save himself? So to know more about this, let’s get into My Hero Academia Chapter 251 Discussion.

My Hero Academia Chapter 251 Expected Spoiler & Discussion

Now, coming to the important part is who exactly is that Villain. Is he Takami? Also, talking about the incident 7 years ago, we believe that it is somewhere connected to Toya. Which means, we might get to know more about Toya in chapter 251.

Talking about the current situation where Natsu is stuck with the new Villain, will he be escaped? Enji is all furious to save his son, at the same time, the villain asked him to kill him. This gives us an idea about how intense the battle is going to be.

Also, Midoriya and Shoto being there, will they be involved in the battle? We might get answers to all the queries in this chapter. But one thing is sure that this upcoming episode is going to be intense. Will Enji be able to save his son, or will he lose another one? This is what the entire chapter is going to be about.

So, what do you think will happen in this chapter. Feel free to be a part of this discussion & let us know your thought in the comment below.

My Hero Academia Chapter 251 Release Date

As of now, there is no update on the delay of this chapter. Which means you can read MHA Chapter 251 on 23rd Nov 2019. Whereas, the Raw scan will be ou on 21st Nov 2019. So stay tuned for regular Anime & Manga Updates.

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