My Hero Academia Chapter 213 – Release Date And Spoiler


My Hero Academia is finally getting to an interesting point. Shinso finally managed to brainwash Deku and stopped him from using All For One’s power. Deku’s new power was expected to see when the final battle was started. The excitement for My Hero Academia Chapter 213 is more as we finally see Deku’s Predecessor.

My Hero Academia Chapter 213

For now, Deku is under Shinso’s control and a. We also saw the funky weird guy guiding Deku about the power. This is one reason why we are really excited for My Hero Academia Chapter 213.

So what exactly are we going to see in MHA Chapter 213? Let’s find it out.

My Hero Academia Chapter 213 Spoiler

By the end of the last chapter 212. we saw a successor for All For One and his appearance shows that he might help Deku to use the power. Deku being under Shinso’s mind-wash there is a huge possibility that we could see him unconcious.

By the time Deku could do something unusual we might see him come to his conciousness and helping his team to win. There is no clear picture of who the successor is, but it is clear that he is there to teach Deku the way to use his power.

This also confirms that the one whom Deku saw in the dream was no one but this Funky guy. By the end of Chapter 213 we will finally see Deku’s new form and if possible the results of the battle. Or we might have to wait for chapter 214 for the results.

My Hero Academia Chapter 213 Release Date

For now, there is no delay in the chapter, and it is expected that we might this episode in time. My Hero Academia Chapter 213 will get its release on 8th January 2019.

The RAW scan for My Hero Acadmeia Chapter 213 will release by 6th or 7th January 2019. If you have anything to ask or share, feel free to do that in the comment below.