My Hero Academia Chapter 208 Discussion & Release Date


My Hero Academia Chapter 207 is out and this chapter & this chapter leaves a lot to discuss. First, it’s about Setsuna Tokage & then Katsuki attack on Togaru. This is clear that the fight has just started and Katsuki will go all aggressive. This practice match is going to be more intense than the Match 3rd. Hence we wanted to have My Hero Academia Chapter 208 Discussion.

Note: My Hero Academia Cpater 208 is released.

Now, instead of talking about chapter 207, let’s get straight into the discussion.

My Hero Academia Chapter 208 Discussion

My Hero Academia Chapter 208 Discussion

One of the most interesting characters that we would like to discuss is “Setsuna”. She has the ability to split her body parts, which makes her almost invisible. It was interesting to see her being the main person to set a trap for Katsuki team.

According to Chibi Reviews, he believes that she might have the power of lizard. if that is what she is, then we see Katsuki’s team going through a tough time. This also brings us to notice that Katsuki can be the only person to defeat her with his blast.

Now talking about the last scene where we see Katsuki attack on Togaru lead us to think of one member elimination. Or has he managed to dodge his attack?

We were also discussing on our forum about how Katsuki has somehow managed to work in a team. But being all aggressive, we expect to see a close combat. We are not sure if the training battle ends in Chapter 208 or will take one more chapter.

Release Date: 

One of the major concern that everyone have here is the release date. My Hero Academia Chapter 208 is expected to make its release on 30 November 2018. We will keep you updated if we come across any updates related to this chapter.

If you have any doubt related to this chapter, you are welcome to start the discussion in the comment below.


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