My Hero Academia Chapter 204 – Release Date & Spoiler


my hero academia chapter 204

Chapter: My Hero Academia Manga 204

Release Date: 02 November 2018

My Hero Academia Chapter 203 is out and as expected, this chapter was between Tetsutetsus Team & Todorokis Team.  As said by us that the whole chapter will be packed with action & we witnessed the same. In this article, we are going to discuss Chapter 204 Spoiler & release date. But, before that let’s see what we saw in Chapter 203.

We have seen the Quirk of all Class 1B students & not to mention that everyone is a way to powerful. We saw how Shoto Todoroki creates a huge ice to stop everyone just as the match starts. To counter attack his moves, Juzo Honenuki uses his quirk to soften Todoroki ice. It seems that he had already softened a few areas before he could actually fight.

Later we see how Tetsutetsu breakthrough with his steel quirk & attacks Todoroki. On the other hand, Pony Tsunotori attacks Mezo Shoji with her horns, which is unexpectedly powerful.

By the end of the chapter, we see how Tenya comes out of Juzo attack. Now, it becomes obvious that the next chapter will continue this fight.

Note: This Article contains Spoiler.


By the end of the chapter, Class 1 A’s victory is confirmed. Seeing Tenya getting through such Quick with his full power indicated that this chapter will be focused on his character too. Whereas Tetsutetsus & Todorokis battel will also be seen.

The best part of this chapter is that, both the teams are aggressive, which makes action obvious. We will be seeing how Todorokis will be going through his tough time to fight Tetsutetsus. But it is also known that we might see Todoroki’s new power in this chapter.

We sure know that Tetsutetsu & Todoroki’s fight will be worth watching. wait for. With them, it is also confirmed that we will see Juzo Honenuki & Tenya’s true power.

Release Date: 

My Hero Academia chapter 204 will release on 2nd October & this episode will give an answer to all your questions.