My Hero Academia Chapter 200 -The Mushroom Girl


Chapter: My Hero Academia Chapter 200

Release Date: 28th Sept

Status: Released

My Hero Academia CHapter 199 is out & in this episode, we saw more about Tokoyami & his past on how the Hawk helps him to use his ability to fly. As expected we see the battle between Shihai & Tokoyami.

There is no doubt the chapter 199 was awesome, but looking at the last part of the chapter, it seems that My Hero Academia Chapter 200 will be more interesting. As we are going to watch Shihai & Tokoyami as well as the Mushroom Girl & Yaoyorozu in battle, this episode brings more excitement.

We saw how Tokoyami saved Yuga Aoyama from Shihai. Everyone was shocked to see Tokoyami flying with Yuga. By the time we see something interesting to happen, the episode ended with a grown Mushroom on Yaoyorozu nose. This happens because of Kinoko Komori.

There is not much known about her personality, but with chapter 200 we will get to know more about her. In this Article, we are going to discuss what is going to happen in My Hero Academia chapter 200.

Our Expectation: 

It seems to be a tough competition for both the class as all the opponents are equally powerful. In the next chapter, 200 will focus more on Kiniko and Yaoyorouzu battle. We have already seen Yaoyorouzu’s ability & hence it makes it thrilling to watch this fight till the end.

What does Kinko’s power do? Can she make everyone into a mushroom? To know all the answers to your questions you will have to wait for the next chapter release.

Release Date: 

My Hero academia chapter 200 will be aired on their time. It will chapter will release on 28th September. If there is any change in the schedule, then we will update you here. If you have anything which is early release or spoiler, we always welcome you to share it with us in the comment below.