My Hero Academia Chapter 197 – The Thorn Princess Vs Three Froggies


My Hero Academia Chapter 197

My Hero Academia Chapter 197 – The Thorn Princess Vs Three Froggies

Release date: 10-Sept

My Hero Academia Chapter 196 was an amazing chapter where we saw how everyone is facing each other & their new gadgets. We saw how Shinso uses his new gadgets that helps to copy voice & as expected it our last spoiler, his aim was to brainwash everyone. But his ability has a disadvantage & that was he is not able to brainwash everyone at once.

In Chapter 196 we saw how Tsuburaba from class 1-B & Eijiro, Koda were captured. Now the situation is 3 v/s 3. But, the title of My Hero Academia Chapter 197 – The Thorn Princess Vs Three Froggies clearly shows the major battle between Ibara Shiozaki & Tsuyu Asui.

Can Tsuyu Asui Clone? 

Now there are discussions going on the forums that Tsuyu can clone herself, that is the reason why the title has three Froggies is because Tsuyu will have her clones fighting against Ibara. Rumors say that she may be making clones out of her slime. We are not yet sure how that is possible, but one thing is confirmed that she can.

Our Expectation: 

If we recall the lats part of the chapter, we saw that Tsuyu has come up with some plan, which can be the reason why she has cloned herself. We believe the plan to can be to divide the group and wait for the right time to manipulate one of the team member.

There is no doubt that the fight between Tsuyu & Ibara will be intense, but at the same time, we might also see how Shinso will play the major role to manipulate everyone.

Release Date:

My Hero Academia Chapter 197 will be released on the 10th of September on their official timing. If you are looking to your hands on the raw scan, then you can check the raw scan on 8th Sept.