My Hero Academia Chapter 192 Spoiler & Release Date


My Hero Academy Chapter

My Hero Academia Chapter 192 Release Date: 30 July 2018

My Hero Academy Manga 191 was an amazing chapter in the series and we also got to see a great story of Hawk by the end. In this chapter, Endeavor get recognized as the No.1 hero, whereas the Hawk finds his way to No.2. By the end of the chapter, we see how Hawk betrayes the Hero indulging himself with the Villians as he is planning to be at the top of the Hero to become the No.1 Hero, but over here we are going to see the spoiler about chapter 192.

In chapter 192, we will see the outcome of the battle happened in the city, & we might see some changes to be made in the mission. The episode will be more focused on Endeavor as now he is the No.1 Hero. With this, we might also get to know, on how soon he can join the Hero’s Job. We have seen a major injury caused during the fight, which can also be a reason he might not join his Hero job.

With the chapter 191, we also saw Miruko into action, who could easily defeat high-end Nomu. So in chapter 192, we could see more focus on Miruko. One thing that everyone is quite eager to know is If Hawk will be able to convince the League of Villians to give him the Hero No.1 position.

We all know that Shouto will be visiting his father along with his siblings & in chapter 191 we got a clear idea that the missing son was no one but Dabi. In the coming chapter, we might see more of the information on Dabi. ( There are more chances of Dabi getting in the side of Heros as we have seen at the end of the chapter about what Dabi is thinking.

What do you think, we could see in My hero academy 192? If you have anything, do let us know in the comment below.

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