My Hero Academia 3 Episode 2 Review


Episode 2 of my Hero Academia has been out and here is my My Hero Academia 3 Episode 2 Review.

My Review
So the episode was about the Training Camp, and it was a pretty fun episode. I love the manga, but I’ve to say My Hero Academia anime is better and that’s because of the anime original content. For instance, the part in which Wild Wild Pussycat’s introduced themselves and the part in which Izuku get to know about them was hilarious. Kota hitting Izuku was the best, all these comedy scenes kind of make anime more fun to me. In the past Studio Bones kind of skipped these sort of scenes that contains the slice of life part but now I’m happy that they are giving focus to all the small details.Now, I believe most of you don’t like the ‘slice of life’ style content, but I enjoyed it. As it makes me understand the character better, giving a better understanding of what these characters do when they are not doing hero stuff like fighting villains or saving civilians. It’s better to know how they all react in a calm situation or what they do when they are with their friends chilling at home. With all these slice of life scenes, we get a good grasp on how these characters feel or think. It’s good that Studio Bones is not only focusing on the action part.
Okay, as I already mentioned that this episode was on the Training Camp. But what is the purpose of this training camp? First of the primary purpose of this training camp is to increase the ability of their quirks. Till now we have seen our heroes getting stronger in term of physical strength and stamina but they still have to master their quirks. No wonder we have seen the more developed quirk in the case of Izuku but most of the others haven’t made any good progress. So, this training camp is held for those characters to work on their quirks. Finding new ways to use the quirk and then developing more techniques is the main motive of this Training Camp.

Wild Wild Pussycat is helping them to provide the space and extra help to start this training camp. We also get to hear from the teacher of Class A that University has begun the new program to get new heroes their license because of the increased villain activities. Which means this training camp is an advance(extra) class for the heroes to get their license quicker.

That’s it for this weeks episode review, stayed tuned with us to get more cool anime news.